Hey there! Another challenge completed, this time about DISNEY!

disney castle, gif, and disney pixar image

Let's start!

Your favorite character

max, pascal, and rapunzel image
Flynn Rider/Eugene Fitzherbert

Your favorite princess

beast, watson, and beauty image

Your favorite heroine

Mature image

Your favorite prince

Image by resa
Prince Eric

Your favorite hero

everyone deserves, wreck-it ralph, and july 2017 image

Your favorite animal

timon and disney image

Your favorite sidekick

disney, mulan, and dragon image

Your favorite villain

maleficent, Angelina Jolie, and disney image

Your favorite original character

cut image
Minnie Mouse

Your favorite song

hakuna matata, lion king, and disney image
Hakuna Matata (The Lion King)

Your favorite love song

disney, tangled, and light image
I See The Light (Tangled)

Your favorite villain song

disney, gif, and scar image
Be Prepared (The Lion King)

Your least favorite song

Image by Jess Moreno
Reindeer(s) Are Better Than People (Frozen)

Your favorite kiss

couple, gif, and gabriella image
Troy and Gabriella (HSM3)

The first movie you saw

disney, dumbo, and cute image

Your favorite classic

peter pan, disney, and wendy image
Peter Pan

Your least favorite classic

disney and jungle book image
The Jungle Book

Your favorite Pixar film

nemo, disney, and finding nemo image
FInding Nemo

Your least favorite Pixar film

disney, gif, and ratatouille image

Favorite sequel

disney, cinderella 3, and a twist in time image
Cinderella III - A Twist In Time

An overrated movie

up, disney, and sky image

An underrated movie

disney, atlantis, and kida image
Atlantis - The Lost Empire

A movie that makes you laugh

aesthetic, boy, and film image
Lizzie McGuire The Movie

A movie that makes you cry

wall-e, eva, and disney image

Your favorite scene from your favorite movie

mulan, disney, and reflection image
Mulan's make over/Singing 'Reflection' (Mulan)

Saddest death

Image by Gabriela Diaz
Mufasa's (The Lion King)

Your favorite quote

alice, alice in wonderland, and disney image
(Alice In Wonderland)

Your favorite theme park

disney, disney world, and magic kingdom image
Magic Kingdom

Your favorite theme attraction

peter pan and disney image
Peter Pan’s Flight

Your favorite theme park show

adventure, beast, and beautiful image
Beauty and the Beast—Live on Stage