I always try bring myself to write even though I've never finished an actual journal and putting this in an article seemed more efficient and a way to express my ideas and hopefully become a better writer.

So here's a list of things I've learned over my fourteen years on this planet that I am sharing with you today, sitting on my bed, with a cold, while my family is at the grocery store. (wow I'm irrelevant)

Everyone is going through something

if someone chooses to tell you something personal, don't spread it around. They are trusting you and it is important that you don't break that trust. Yeah I know its tempting to tell all your friends and have your fifteen second of fame in the gossip circle but just keep your mouth shut!! okay sorry thats harsh keep reading I promise I'm a good person

Find something you like to do and find a way to DO IT OFTEN

it doesn't have to be something as simple as basketball or dance--though it can be. Also, if it is basketball don't get discouraged because you aren't the best, remember YOU are doing it for YOU because YOU like it. No one else. This instead can be the feeling of driving through the sunset with the windows down with your dog, aka the love of your life, along with many other things. Just do what makes you happy

Everyone deserves a second chance???

ehhh....not really, as you and I both know some people don't change. But if you have to deal with this person regularly, lead them into thinking that you have given them a second chance, that way problems won't arise. don't do this with everyone of course, because all the anger will boil up inside you, just with that one girl who still thinks your " mad at her" for something that happened in the third grade."I SWEARRR IM A GOOD PERSON MOM"

its okay to be sad

jeez a lot of teens need to here this. you can't be happy all the time. its okay. actually most of the time you need to be sad to get happy. most people right now are SAD AND HAPPY. so are you, I'm guessing. but just don't worry about how your feeling all the time and next thing you know, you may be feeling okay.

spend money on EXPERIENCES not STUFF

I wish I could have told my younger self this, but finally re-doing my room and clearing out all the junk has got to be the most accomplished thing I have done this year. For my birthday I'm asking for three things and three things only. Concert tickets, beats, and an electric toothbrush. All three of these things happen to be $200. And split between member of my family thats not as much as it sounds. Tip: if you ask for less you will be more guaranteed to get all those things instead of putting 50 things on your Christmas wishlist and being surprised when the one you REALLY wanting isn't sitting under the tree. Anywho, experiences are what I LIVE for, its what makes me feel alive so GO OUTSIDE AND LIVE!!!


even if you don't fall under a category that they identify with, that doesn't mean you still can't support someone. be extra supportive if they are in a bad place, came out to you, or just needs someone that can listen


this has got to be the most important one. yeah its basic, but it needs to be said. I'm not asking for a miracle here. Im not saying you need to be perfect because thats ridiculous. Being kind to 100% of the people you meet is impossible. Remember that, even the people who seem the kindest to everyone are secretly mean as well. Just generally, be a kind person whenever you can and to whomever even if its the most popular girl in school or the kid who everyone seems to avoid. Like I said before, everyone is going through something and you may make some friends along the way

xx, ava
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