I Have Been Seeing You For Quite Some Time Now, I Have Noticed Things.

The First Time I Saw You I Fell In Love With Your Hair, It Is A Beautiful Dark Brown Colour, Almost Black, Which Reminds Me Of The Night Sky.

The Second Time I Saw A Bit More Of You, We Were Closer To Each Other And I Could See Your Dark Eyes, For A Split Second I Could Have Sworn That I Was Lost.

A Couple Of Weeks Later I Finally Saw You Up Close, I Made You Smile, And Those Goddamn Dimples Of yours Made Me Fall So Hard.

Another Thing I Noticed Was The Way You Talk, It Became My Favorite Song.

Later I Saw You Even Closer... I Felt You Even Closer. Your Lips, Home.

(This is a part two of 'The Times I Saw You.', I hope I'll be able to write more parts)