When people ask me what I am thinking about my answer is always 'I am thinking about him, what he does, how he is etc.' The answer from everybody is just 'He doesn't deserves you. Stop thinking about him. You will find someone who is better than him.' But honestly I don't want to find or meet an other guy, I tried it, but I just catch myself thinking about you the whole time, even though the guy is handsome and friendly. I just want you, that's what people don't want to understand. You hurted me and believe me many of my friends hate you now, because of what you did to me, but in the end it just cares what I want, because it is my life and my choices.
Do you know what hurts the most? That you probably don't even care or think about me. This fucks me up. Really.
You are my universe and I'm just your ex-girlfriend. How can I forget you when I can just imagine my future with you? Tell me how. I really don't know.