- What If the person who's supposed to Love you the most destroys you
like nobody else ..
- What If you are surrounded by many but you still feel like mentally
there is
no one in sight ..
- What If you bear people's shit just to keep the monster within you
inside ..
- What If everyone is jealous of your strong personality and how you face
all the problem with a nice smile but only you know how it feels ..
- What if even your closer friends couldn't smell the fire that emanates
from your heart ..
- What If your pet can understands how you feel while your family don't
stop of judging you ..
- What If They are the sinners and you are the one to blame ..
- What If You know their truth and you can not speak only because you
are incapable of independence on your own ..
- What If you turn the volume up and don't care which song is playing
you just want to stop hearing bullshits ..
- What if Your family they make fun of you ..
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