WHI Feature is a new format presented to you by Team WHI in which we are featuring Articles by you - the community. Every collection will showcase beautifully written and inspirational articles around a certain topic.

To kick off the new format we couldn’t think about a better fit than the topic of positivity and happiness. You - the community - are characterized by an overwhelming degree of encouragement, and support for each other, that moves and inspires us every day anew.

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Today we want to worship those words of positivity you have shared with the community because we are thankful for your aspiration, dedication and the love you share towards your peers.

Words of positivity have endless facets. They can focus on happiness, on your well being and self love, or on empowerment. That’s why we enjoy the topic so much.

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What follows are five articles that will hopefully motivate, lift you up and make you understand that you are not alone, but understood in this world. All show different definitions of the paths and a variety of approaches towards achieving the same goal: remembering “This too shall pass”.

What one can’t manage alone is doable by like minded people, and if you need a reminder go back every day to read those articles and indulge in the words of positivity.

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This beautiful article by our user @cfauber sums up why positive words are so important. It also shows inspiring quotes to brighten up some of your dark days.

WHI user @gemini_dobbie talks in an eloquent way about how striving for perfection limits us and how we truly benefit from seeing our flaws as unique qualities.

This guide by our user @marissaisamommy gives you practical advice on how to remain positive when life doesn’t always work out in your favour.

This article by our user @linda_230813 shows a moving approach on dealing with nostalgia, or better: letting go of it and gaining back happiness and positivity in your life.

Last but not least, user @dina_sostarec_1 presents you with a list of things that make her happy. She gives constructive and accessible tips and reminds you to see the little things in life in order to be more positive on a daily basis.

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