Support? Encouragement? Congratulations? Things that I would love to receive from my family. Since I went back to school there wasn't a day where I didn't cry. Out of stress, sadness or anger. I feel like everything I do is wrong and how can I know if maybe I'm doing right if no one is interested in what I do. I 'm not super interested in school, I'm not spending all my time studying , I don't like to learn what is taught in my classes, I'll probably won't get my high school diploma and that's all they know about me and think that they have the right to judge me.

And they dare telling other children like my cousins that school doesn't reflect someone intellect. Hyprocrite!

How can I be myself and become an healthy adult when everyone around me is judging my every moves, thought and words.
I am different. I like to live in my own little world.

But I hate how I can't criticize and curse my family without feeling remorse and crying right after. Why do I love the people who make me suffer the most? And I know I'll feel guilty after posting this but it's time to speak up and also, time to be myself, to fly above the opinions of others and to be proud of who I am.