It is the second day of the 15 days writing challenge, so let´s go! Hope you enjoy :D

Day 2

Make a list of the things that you are grateful for.

So, as I am thinking about the things I am grateful for, I am starting to realize that there are so many things on my mind that I have to cut it much shorter... here are the most important ones:

  • My family

Because they support me in everything I am doing and are always there for me.
Thank you <3

  • My friends

Because I can´t imagine my world without my best friend. Friends are the people you have fun with, but good friend is there for you when you need it.
Thank you <3

girl, friends, and pink image
  • Music

Because music is huge part of my life and it makes my days million times better!
Thank you <3

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  • Art

Because it let´s me express my self in so many different ways! And I also really love seeing other artist´s works, it inspires me SO much!
Thank you <3

  • Life

Because it gives me the option to meet all the amazing people, visit all the places in this world, experience many adventures, read countless books and love with my whole heart!
Thank you <3

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So that´s it! I had so much fun writing this article and it reminded me of many things I am grateful for. I think it is really important to be grateful and it makes you feel ten times better! So every time you feel bad about something you did or didn´t do, remind yourself about all the amazing things you have.


PS: Today´s song is:

One More Light - Linkin Park

September 17, 2017