Lately I've been wondering,
how do you know
if the time has come?
I've been wondering
if I should just go for it,
if I should cut the chains
which tied up my heart at yours.
I gotta admit,
those chains have been hurting
my head, my heart, my mind
for a while.
But cutting those chains means
cutting off all of you.
I am not ready for this,
not at all.
People say "you gotta let go
or it will haunt you forever"
but people might forget
letting go can haunt you forever too.
There's this stupid question
popping up in my head:
"What if?
What if you're overreacting?
What if you're being dramatic?"
The question that makes me weak,
that strengthens my chains.
Letting go or trying harder,
burning or drowning -
is that the decision I have to face?