I hoped I would make you change, but eventually you were the one who changed me. I just wanted to be your friend. Someone you can spend your time with, talk about your problems, or just sit and enjoy the silence. Somebody you can rely on. I wanted you to know that there are people who care about you. That it's worth fighting for your dreams. That you shouldn't give up no matter what. I've swallowed my pride so many times just because of you. I went back to you after every fight and every insult because I wanted to show you I really care about you and I'll do anything to stay by your side and be the change in your life. The change that's gonna pull you forward. But you didn’t change. You remained the same person, afraid to feel anything or let anybody in. You didn’t appreciate every time I neglected myself and came back to you, pretending the tears aren’t in my eyes, and all because I thought you would change. I couldn’t change you. But you changed me. You taught me that I shouldn’t sacrifice for people who take me for granted. That not every effort ends up with success. Maybe the fault is mine too. I was blinded by the desire to change you (or maybe by your burning look?) and I didn’t realize that if you don’t want the change, it will never come. Now you’re the same person but I’m different. It hurts but I know I’ll survive. Soon the pain will disappear and will return only when our eyes meet when I run into you on the street. I’ll look at you and feel sad, but also grateful. Grateful that you were a part of my life and made a positive change in it, even in a negative way.