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Today I'm going to write about happiness, people and... Horace.
Yes, I want to tell you guys a little bit about Quintus Oratius Flaccus, one of the most known classical authors, an incredibly wise man who could give us a few tips to live and feel happier.

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So, let's begin!

Horace would think that people are often unhappy. This happens because, Horace says, they always wish things which are out of their reach and they can't achieve. And this makes them feel unsatisfied of their lives and undervalue all the wonderful riches they already own. Riches which are not only material objects, but also people, like friends and relatives, feelings, emotions and joyful moments they don't appreciate.

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I believe that happens nowadays, too: we work and we'd rather be on holiday; we have got lots of clothes and we still want others; we have a beautiful house, a car, a job and (the most important one) a family AND we still dream about being a millionaire and having a very big house with a very big garden and a very big pool and a very big garage with a very expensive Ferrari inside. That sounds crazy, doesn't it? But that's what is often on our minds when something does not go as we would like it (when we're under pressure at work or have problems at home, for example).

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What Horace teaches us is that life is short and time goes by very quickly. So we should not focus on problems or on all the things we could have and we haven't got. Life is too short for that. And we've got only one life, so I think it's a huge waste spending it complaining and envying other people.

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We should focus instead on what we have and who we have around us: if we do that, we'll realize that a family is worth more than money. That the evenings we spend playing with our children are worth more than a strongbox full of cash and jewels. That when we go on holiday, it does not matter where we go, it matters who we go with. And that our cheap old car is more comfortable than a new expensive flaming red Ferrari to drive!

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So, Horace tells us:

carpe diem

It means literally to seize the day and live every moment as good as we can, because life goes fast, faster than we think and we could ever imagine, and that moment won't come back to us anymore.
If we appreciate every moment, all the happy little things which happen to us, then we'll really be able to say that we have lived as best as we could.

That reminds me of a song, "I lived", by One Republic: if you don't know it, I truly suggest you guys to go hear it because it's a wonderful song with wonderful words and a wonderful meaning.

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Sooo, that was all for now, hope you guys enjoyed my Article!
I'd like to end it with a line taken from the song I talked you about,

"I owned every second that this world could give"
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Thank you all for reading!


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