I fell in love with the main character Celaena Sardonthien at first sight or better said as soon as i read her first lines. I really love when the main female character is strong, unyelding, beautiful and doesn't need others pity.

The Assassin

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At first she is only an assassin, Adarlan's Assassin, who is offered in exchange of her freedom to become the King's Champion. .

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Like most of us Celaena was a bibliophile staying up until late at night to finish reding a book or sharing books with Dorian and Chaol.
“I like music," she said slowly, "because when I hear it, I . . . I lose myself within myself, if that makes any sense. I become empty and full all at once, and I can feel the whole earth roiling around me. When I play. I'm not . . . for once, I'm not destroying, I'm creating.”

Aelin Ashryver Galathynius

"Throw me to the wolves and i will return leading the pack."

Later her Fae origins come to light and also her real identity as Aelin Ashryver Galathynius the lost queen of Terrasen and the last surviving member of the Galathynius line.

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She was also known as Fireheart because she was the heir of Fire.

She fought alongside Rowan her carranam and lover and her cousin Aedion and her friends for her people, for her dead family, for her dead friend Nehemia and her people in Eyllwe and for all the slaves in Endovier, citizens of Terrasen, who were killed.

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Rowan Whitethorn, the Fae Prince

She rises from being an assassin who wants to be free to a warrior who frees her people and later becomes their queen.

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