First things first: life of an artist is a lonely deal. You have your own universe made of fragile little stars you carefully assembled and you hardly let anyone in. Not because loneliness suits you, but because the ones you once let in, did nothing but dim the shimmer of your stars and darken the colors of your galaxy. Your stars are not to be compared, not to be pushed to shine brighter, your flowers smell different than others, the way they want to, but for others, it's not 'the way they're supposed to'. Your canvas is a window to your soul and your life - the movement of your paintbrush. You don't need others telling you it's nothing but a mess of dark smudges.

Life, as you see it, is a sensation of morning sunlight, golden sunsets and starry nights, sweet laughter, the smell of waves and songs of the wind. You don't want others to try and convince you it's a busy, cruel swirl of traffic jams and tiring office jobs. They don't see it as you do. They don't feel it as you do. How could they possibly understand you?

The life of an artisan means staring at a night sky for hours, getting lost in someone's beauty from a far, 3am sketches, scribbles and mind-blowing ideas coming down in a blaze. Train rides and corn fields that make your heart ache for some reason. It's seeing the purpose of things so clearly, as if it's written right there in front of everyone's noses, yet having to listen to people deny all the beauty of things just because their eyes are not fit to see it.

You tried singing your song, they seem to prefer silence.
You tried painting with the most wonderful colors for them, it turned out they liked black and white better.
You tried opening your heart, they thought it would be fun to mock your softness.

But i want you to know this - loneliness was not your disability to 'fit in', it was a choice made in order to save your little universe from black holes threatening to swallow it. Your life's not empty, it's filled with so much uniqueness which needs a unique heart, maybe the one that beats just like yours, to see it. You know there are people like you out there, scattered around our wondrous globe, but not there with you. You still feel so alone.

If it's so, my dear artisan, i want you to know you are not alone, you will never be alone, not now, not ever, for my eyes look at the same sky as yours, our hearts beat the same, stunned by the beauty of the same silvery moonlight. Now you know a secret you never thought you had - that you are just as i am and I am just as you are.