It feels odd that, once you start living by yourself, the smallest things can become the biggest achievements. Waking up, preparing breakfast, having a shower, taking a stroll to the city center, grocery shopping or even going outside just to taste the air and smell the autumn leaves. It is strange because you're doing it for yourself, for no one else other than you... and it's nice to think that we are being kind. I bet it must be easy to neglect all these small acts of self-care and end up hurting yourself: I guess that's what responsability and growing up is also all about.

I moved to Winchester yesterday. Luckily for me, my boyfriend spent the first night with me - but today I left him at the bus stop, near Abbey Gardens, and, holding two grocery bags in my hands, I kissed him for the last time until... until, well who knows when. And then, suddenly, I was all alone in a city that wasn't mine, I was walking to my new home, slowly fitting the idea in my head that this is going to be my every day life for the following three months. It's terrifying but exciting... and I feel like the little kid inside just wants to cry over the loneliness, the never ending streets, the traffic and all the people. But the new, grown up me is ready to tackle it all.

Let's go.