Since last two days,i look back and think about past and future.And i really realise that i grew up.Tomorrow my school will start and i am in high school.In my country,high school is 4 years and i will be in my 3th year tomorrow.After one year from today,i will start studying for University exam.I am very open person.You can see most of the things inspired me on my weheartit and on my tumblr page.And i really change a lot of mind since this summer holiday.First,i was thinking about becoming a interpreter,then,i was thinking about becoming a pastry chef,model,stylist.I really search a lot and think a lot.But finally,i found what i really want to do as a job.And this is totally amazing to me.
After university exam,if i attend to my favorite university(hopefully),i will study 4 years in there and really becomes for me.

Also,i was gonna talk about it when i finally do this in real but i will talk about it now.If you are my friend,you already know my biggest dream.

It is moving to England!.I remember i was a kid and i was like"well,when i become an adult,i will move to London." and yes this is my biggest dream.I am waiting for this since i was 9 years old.And if nothing goes wrong,i will move to England when i am 24 years old.YES.THIS.IS.LONG.TIME.

And then...also i don't really know what will happen after this.I want to get a lot of tattoos and start a youtube channel.Don't worry i will share the channel name with you:)

This is really long article but i just wanted to say,don't give up.Because i had so many bad times.I almost saw my sister's death and this is really not good thing.But look at me now,i am fine,happy and good.YOU will be happy too.I love you.<3