How beautiful it is to live in a world where nothing last forever
Any moment is worth dying for when you could die at any moment
How beautiful it is that, in this world where nothing last forever
Man still wastes his time dreaming to become a poet
An artist, the smartness, trying so hard to harness the gift they were given
The world has given us all these gifts,
All of this land blooming with life,
Winds roaring with 3am laughter, when the midnight blue birds call
Kisses with too much teeth and smiles without enough,
The breeze in your hair and your love by your side
Pure bliss wouldn't dare miss a second of this
Every second passing is a second you’ll never get back
Every second is a moment worth dying for
Every second someone, somewhere is dying
And every second someone somewhere, is smiling
The breeze is in their hair, a smile is on their lips
Air passes in and out of those lips like nothing
‘Simple as breathing’
existence as easy as existing
All of these moments worth dying for and still
Man sits alone and dreams of being a poet?
But poetry is a dead language
Within the midsts of every second someone, somewhere is dying
With every word I spill onto the page another second passes,
Another person dies,
Another person smiles,
And nothing last forever.
I don’t write out of fear of oblivion
I don’t live everyday striving towards a legacy
Social status and reputation are childish games, when nothing lasts forever
Man does not write out of fear of oblivion
He writes to repay the world of his debt
The world has given you smiles and laughter and blue birds
And screams and cries and endless heartbreak
The world has given you poetry
and now you must give it back.