"I have a problem" I said; while my soul breaks in thousand pieces. At that moment the alcohol in my veins was reduced.
But i couldnt help myself of feeling ashamed.
There I was, telling my mom how sorry I was. How ashamed and sad I felt. How i wished to go back in time and change that night.

"I have a problem" I proceeded, "The only way to have fun for me, its to drink" instead of saying the real why: to feel something.
Since months I havent been well, couldnt feel nothing, felt broken, felt ugly when people call me beautiful. Call me beautiful because I am, from the outside. Cause inside im rotten.

And I've reached the limit, my limit. I cant feel nothing. All the things I loved or liked to do, do not interest me anymore. I feel empty inside and im way too young to feel like this.