listen: the night we met -Lord Huron
I don't belive in a love at first sight, but the first time i saw you i suddely knew that i wouldn't forget so easy of tha blue eyes and that shiny smile. I remember the first thing you said to me ''your name in Federica, right? you have federica's hands!''. What a strange things to say, i was sorry to say you that my name wasn't federica. When you walked I silently watched you with that beautiful striped jacket. At that time i didn't understand my thoughts. That night you sat next to me and you talked to me like we was friends for a long time. I was thinking ''damn you will a great friend'' you really made me laugh. But you moved away from me and then i felt empty, far by me you said that you are lesbian to see my reaction. Something moved on me. I wanted to get away. At that time i was moved by my prejudices. The night went to the end. I searched you on facebook. I was so obsessed by you.

part. 1