"I totally killed the gym today so I'll have a donut now as a reward" -you say. Sounds logical but did you know that what you eat post-workout is as important as the workout itself. Here are 4 foods you should never eat after training.

1. CHOCOLATE. Remember that training will have sped up your metabolism. Use that to your advantage by keeping your diet super clean with whole foods. Chocolate doesn't have the nutrients you need immediatelly after training.
2. CANDIES. Consuming high amounts of sugars will work against you if you are trying to lose weight because it slows down your metabolism. Which means that it will do the exact opposite of what you want to happen after working up a sweat. Candies lacks important nutrients that give your body the sustained energy you need in order to recover and still get through your day.
3. ENERGY BARS. You may think that a bar after an intense workout is just great for recovery but It's not quite what it looks like. People get fooled by the fit body silhouette onto the package but most of the bars on the market are mostly sugar and no more nutritionally-sound than a candy bar.
4. FRIED FOODS. It might be tempting to "reward" yourself with a bag of chips or french fries after you've burned a great deal of calories, but this way is going backwards. Such food won't nourish your exhausted muscles and it's more likely to be stored as fat.

Next time you finish a workout, make sure to avoid the foods above if you want to make optimal progress. If now you're wondering which foods are best for post-workout make sure to stay tuned for my next article. :)
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