I open the window of my room because its hard to breath, the air is not enough for me.
Kind of claustrophobic, but I still lock myself in my feelings. Feelings that hurt me, voices that scream in my head things like "you're not enough" or "you're doing everything wrong".
Voices I can not calm, voices I cant escape; this is how I feel: ashamed. Ashamed of being me.
I do wanna change, they said change is the only way; but its not that easy.
I've been through so much, I dont even care anymore. I dont care what they think, I dont need that much of approval.
That's how I end up feeling nothing. The only thing I know is that I dont wanna be alone.
Cause I know that if I am, my feelings will roll down my eyes like tears, my own thoughts would kill me and I cant take it anymore.
This angel has flown so much, is tired.