first of all i was not a fan of taylor swift at all before she release her new single look what you made me do

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iam now a big fan of her ..i loved her new single so much and iam excited about her new album..
i will gonna write about her evolution inThe artistic community..i hope it gets your admiration..and i will tell you also the best of her music.

Taylor Alison Swift was born on December 13, 1989, in Reading, Pennsylvania. By the age of 10, Swift was singing at a variety of local events, including fairs and contests. and began writing her own songs and learning guitar at 12 years old.
Iam very surprised that she started writing her own songs from that little age ..amazing!!

June 19, 2006
Taylor Swift's first single "Tim McGraw" is released by Big Machine Records. The track stays on the Billboard Hot 100 for 20 weeks, peaking at No. 40, and also reaches No. 6 on the Hot Country Songs chart.

I have not really listened to this song tbh

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she is adorable

Oct. 24, 2006
Taylor Swift releases her self-titled debut album on Big Machine Records. Taylor Swift debuts at No. 19 on the Billboard 200, holding a position on the Chart for 277 weeks and peaking at No. 5.

Early 2009 – Taylor has her highest chart success with ‘You Belong With Me’ and goes on her Fearless tour where her blonde curls, dresses and guitar look becomes classic Taylor.
I loved this song so much ..iam still listening to it altough we are in 2017!lol

August 2009 - She wins a VMA for the video for ‘You Belong With Me’ (and became the first country artist ever to do so). Kanye West storms the stage to steal it from her to give to Beyoncé instead.
That was so weird act from kanye ..taylor swift deserved it ..

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February 2010 – Taylor wins four Grammy awards including the big one, Album of the Year for Fearless.

February 2010 - She also stars in her first film, Valentine’s Day as Taylor Lautner’s girlfriends. The two actually ended up dating IRL.

August 2010 - In August, she releases her third album Speak Now which debuts at number one on the Billboard charts.

January 2012 – Taylor starts the year with her first Vogue cover.
August 2012 - ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together’ is released as the first single from Taylor's fourth album, and becomes the fastest-selling digital single and lands the singer in the Guinness book of world records.

August 2013 - She also wins best female video at the MTV VMAs and presents an award to Bruno Mars which is being mentioned just to show this photo again:

A little fact about the video ..she wore 20 outfit and all of them are Amazing!

10th november she released her song blanck space ..
I didnt really liked it although it hits 2 billion views on youtube!

December 2016 - Taylor teams up with One Direction alum and the boyfriend of her good friend Gigi Hadid, Zayn for ‘I Don’t Want to Live forever’, a soundtrack to the Fifty Shades of Grey sequel.

Early 2017 - Taylor takes a very long career hiatus, which judging from all that’s mentioned in the above, she deserved.
August 2017 - Taylor is back. She releases ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ and the long-awaited video, spurring theories, memes and freak outs galore.
it is the best of her songs imao!

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i love really the style of taylor (her outfit)

i hope this article make you know taylor swift more and more ..
if you are still reading thank you so much

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