How much of a deep meaning it has when we think about us as a failure.
Most of us think we're failures a lot, as I do myself, and when
we actually do fail at something, we feel like we'll never get up from
the ground again.

Well, first of all in life we will meet failure sooner or later, but it's the way we get on with it. I must admit I feel like a failure every day of my life, and when something real bad actually hits, it's even worse.

So here's what I will tell you.
If you fail in life it means you're growing. As a plant is blooming and turning into a beautiful flower, that's how we grow into a better person.
It hurts, I know it hurts so bad, but you need to know that it's the part of growing. It won't stay that way. Just have faith.

"But The Lord is with me like a mighty warrior." - Jeremiah 20:11

I know people with different religions might see this, but these are just few verses from my religion and they really keep me going.

"God promises to make something good out of the storms that bring devastation to your life." - Romans 8:28

I know He has a plan and I trust Him, even if it's hard sometimes.

Please don't harm yourself, try to think as positive as you can. You try and it matters soo much. Be good. And yeah, throw kindness around like confetti. :')

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