Having a new scarf

adorable, autumn, and beautiful image

Doing Pancakes and Waffle

waffles, food, and pancakes image

Printing Pictures

photo, polaroid, and camera image

Pressing leaves

leaves, autumn, and book image

Drinking Hot Chocolate

autumn, fall, and coffee image

Eating my mom's apple donuts

donut, food, and sweets image
these are just apple slice , covered with Donuts Spread and then fried

Drinking tea

book, flowers, and coffee image

Shopping new clothes

american apparel, bag, and shopping image

Trying to paint

art, coffee, and drawing image

Trying to sew

clothes, fashion, and sew image
Together , we paddled through the ocean of fate's design,
protecting each other from the winter storm.
- Cinderelliot , furyevans (On Wattpad)