Hey guys!
Before I get started I know that I don't have much followers to call myself ''famous'' on WHI (We Heart It), but I've had an experience with uploading photos that got a ton of likes. So today I'm going to help you on how to do that on your own. Tell me your opinions!

1. Capture a photo
(Tip: Never upload a photo that isn't yours.)

2. Edit it! You can play with some filters on VSCO (BEST app for editing and insta themes!) OR you can download Easel and add a quote it will look incredible!
(Story time: My first photo that got 350+ likes it was a photo that I edited on Easel and basically I added a quote on it).

3. Before you upload the photo make sure you add a lot of hashtags so that way people can find and heart the photo more easily!

4. Now upload it and wait for the magic to happen!

That's it guys hope you like it and hope this helped you. I'm gonna upload more tutorials about WHI. Thanks for reading!

Also please check out my photo collection called ''Everyday Inspiration Photographed By Me'' where I have all the photos that I took by myself, it would mean a lot to me! Thank you for your time♥