Even though I've been a member of Weheartit for quite a few years now in a series of different accounts, I just recently decided to become more active again, and yesterday after creating yet another account, this one, I noticed this new feature; articles. I thought I would kick start my new Weheartit career with a small introduction.

My name is Isabel Berge, and I'm a 17 year old amature journalist/writer, filmmaker and photographer from Oslo, Norway. I'm currently a senior in a high school where I study Media and Communications, which is also what I'm planning on studying and working work with in the future.

I'm back in Norway now, but for the past year, I've been living in Morro Bay, California as a foreign exchange student, and I loved it there! While I was there I was part of both the yearbook and the newspaper team, and I really got to develop my skills and explore my passions.

I would say I'm a pretty opinionated person, so I wouldn't be surprised if a few opinion pieces were to show up here either, but I'm planning on mainly using this platform for photography.

Ever since I started doing photography and writing, I've been doing it only for myself and my own pleasure, but now that I feel like I'm ready and have the necessary skills to get started, I want to see if I can actually make it as more than just a hobby photographer and writer.

Thank you for reading and I hope you want to follow me and see where this goes.