b a s i c s
- my name is dominique
- i live in the philippines
- i'm in eighth grade
- i really like pastel colors but tend to wear black almost all the time
- my zodiac sign is leo but i'm not a gr8 leader nor am i confident
- i'm awkward and shy irl
- due to being socially awkward i barely have any frens lmao

m u s i c
- my music taste is kind of all over the place but i mostly listen to alternative rock.
- bands and artists i like that don't really fall under the alternative rock genre are the beatles, queen, echo and the bunnymen, the smiths, the cure, david bowie, etc.

m o v i e s
- i really enjoy watching tim burton films
- i also love 80s and 90s films

b o o k s
- i rarely read actual books for leisure and usually just read them for book reports.
- i read fanfics on wattpad tho lmao

f a n d o m s
- tim burton fanbase
- star trek (trekkie)
- gravity falls
- band fandoms
- a few anime fandoms (tokyo ghoul, yoi, black butler, free!, etc.)
- riverdale
- mystic messenger
- stranger things
- 80s/90s fandom

o t h e r s
- my favorite animal preferences are weird bcos i like blobfish and axolotls
- i have this weird obsession with faeries, mermaids, and aliens
- conspiracy theories got me sh00k
- i frickin love rpdr
- my favorite food is pizza
- when i'm bored i like watching bob's burgers
- if i could travel anywhere in the world i would go to ireland, italy, england, or japan.