Hey guys , I had some goods returns from my latest and first article so I decided to make another one for you .

As the title introduced this articles is about The real ones . What I mean by "the real one" is the real friends . I think we all have in our life some people that we call friends but are we really sure that they really are ? Do you think that every of those people are YOUR FRIENDS ?Do you ever asked you this question ? Did you ever have any doubt about your relationships?

Acording to me , there are differents types of friends :

-The twin friends: The twin friends have many things in common with you , Musics , Style , same type of boys/girls ...In brief you are the same person or almost the same . They're friends with only for those samenesses . When you will change your taste and love maybe things that they don't love , you'll see that your relationships with them won't be the same anymore , they interest in you will be over .

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-The real fake friends: Those ones will never contradict you , what ever you do or say , they will always be agree with you and by your side. In fact you can think it's a good thing but it's not . A normal person can't be right every single time that she says or do something ,(except if you are a Saint , then excuse me ) , and that's why we all need a friend that tells us when we are wrong and right and it's not the case with those people . The always agree friends will be hypocritical with you because they think that it's better than telling you what they really think . Sometimes they're with you because you represent an opportunity for them and that's why they say Amen to every thing you do and say.

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-The Real Ones: _The Real Ones _ are those rare friends that some of us are really lucky to have in our lives because they're just amazing . They are the type of friends that you couldn't expect that you could ever met in your life . They are not with you because you represent an opportunity for them or even because you love the same singer . The real ones are with you because they love you the way you are , they know you better than some others , they're not always agree with you and sometimes they contradict you when you are wrong but it's only for your own good . Sometimes we don't appreciate the real ones to their fair values but they are the only ones that are there when you need help and they will always be the ones calling you to know if you are alright. The real ones don't necessarily share the same passions or musics (and other stuff) with you but they will always do an effort for you and do things that they don't really like to make you happy .That's what make them so special and that's also why we all need a Real One in our lives .

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this is real love guys

Well I hope that this second Article has helped you realising how lucky you were if you have some real ones in your lives and maybe It has helped you to identify what kind of friend you are and you have in your life . And Don't forget to tell me what you think about it by sending me a postcard .