ok sooo i just wanted to try these new "articles" so the first thing that came up in my mind was a kind of get to know me, even if it's boring yeah i know. i'll just tell you 15 things about me.

1. i like kpop and my ultimate group is b.a.p
2. my favourite animals are tigers and foxes
3. i'm a ravenclaw
4. my favourite anime is code geass
5. i like to dress comfortably so most of times i just wear oversize and shapeless shirts with random pants
6. i like rainy days, but only when it's not stormy.
7. actually i'm a bit squeamish when it comes music. as i said before i like kpop but i also LOVE twenty one pilots.
8. i admire japanese and chinese culture
9. everyone says i talk and act like an adult but i'm actually really childish.
10. i love ice-cream
11. i'm really jealous
12. jumin han is my husband
13. i like football
14. actually i'm pretty depressed ( cit. L )
15. i DUN care

thank you for reading this if you did ♡