The power of music. Put on your headphones and enjoy.

-Bad at Love / Halsey

smoke and halsey image quote, quotes, and song image

-Afterlife / XYLO

rainbow, eyes, and eye image music, life, and grunge image

-Gasoline / Halsey

Inspiring Image on We Heart It badlands, gasoline, and high image

-Want Song / Adam Counts

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-War of hearts / Ruelle

red, exit, and rose image Flagged For Review

-Devil eyes / Hippie Sabotage

Mature image auge, eye, and gold image

-Sippy cup / Melanie Martinez

Inspiring Image on We Heart It melanie martinez image

-Castle / Halsey

Image by ℒŮℵẴ crown, flowers, and crystal image

lost Boy / Ruth B.

sad, lost, and quotes image Image removed

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