Whenever you cry.
And tears fall from your eyes.
A silent scream comes from your soul.
You wish you could just die.

When you are beginning to think.
And deeper in your own sorrow, you begin to sink.
Flashes of everyone that you’ve ever known,
Pass through your mind with every blink.

None of them were ever true to you.
Making fake promises was what they used to do.
Victim of belief was what you were,
All you did wrong was to think they were true.

Growing up you felt everything falling apart.
Killed your real self, started living with a cold heart.
Hopeless, lifeless was how you were when we met,
But I’m here now we’ll give it a new start.

I won’t “promise” you but, You’ll never be alone.
I’ll always be there no matter how old we’ve grown.
Smile you will, liveliness is what you’ll feel.
And forget every bad memory you have ever known.