Assalamualaikum again!! Welcome to very second blog of The Hijab Series. For the first blog, I did hijab tutorials, here's the link:

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Welcome to the very second blog of The Hijab Series!

Today we will be discussing clothing modesty. Whenever I go shopping, I always find these really cute tops and shirts. But then I remember it's not modest enough, and I don't buy it.

Well not anymore!

I'm going to be sharing some tips to help you modify your clothing! So you can buy all those pretty crop tops and wear them in public!


First, put on a nice long T-shirt, then you cute top over. It's such a nice match!! Like a brown crop top over a flannel. It's both loose and pretty.

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Make sure your shirt is long enough, and then put something short over it!

And then you can add a cardigan if you want.


Let's say you found a nice, denim skirt at the store. But you can't wear it because it's too short.

Simply did what you'd do with a shirt top. Add a nice, loose skirt under it! One that's long enough. Make sure it's a thin material, or it'll feel like so many layers.

But it still fall anyway, so a lot of layers is perfectly fine.

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Even fashionable skirts like these will look cute with a longer, looser one under!

Well, this was a short article. But I hope it helps you modify your shirts and skirts! No need to not buy them, right?

Thank you for reading! Heart if this was helpful. Also, the third article of The Hijab Series will be out soon! So keep an eye out! ;)