Heres a bunch of feel good images and quotes that make me happy.

stress, nature, and green image
"One good thing that comes from losing is the joy that it brings to others." - a very wise fortune I got from a fortune cookie.
cat, avocado, and art image cat, blue, and clouds image cat, paws, and pink image cat, cute, and animal image
CATS - I find cats to be super fascinating, we know all about dogs and why they are but cats are still a small mystery. They're also chill as fuck.
india, sunset, and pink image beach, summer, and sand image city, new york, and sky image flowers, sunflower, and nature image architecture, beautiful, and lights image grunge, sky, and quotes image
Sunsets are purely amazing. It doesn't matter where you are in the world, the setting sun always puts on a show.
"[blows a kiss up to the sky] for the aliens" - cute af 😎
moon, night, and sky image sky, moon, and sun image space, pink, and stars image alien, balloons, and grunge image
Space is literally the coolest mastery in the universe, theres so much to discover.

sushi. thats all.

food, sushi, and tuna image food and sushi image
oh yeah
sushi and food image food, sushi, and delicious image
all kinds of deliciousness.

I genuinely love the rain, but what really gets me feeling zen is animated rain.

gif image
anime, asian, and anime scenery image
anime, monochrome, and people image
gif image
its just nice to watch.

And lastly, because I have cats in here I just have to put their counterparts in.

cute, dog, and puppy image animals, hipster, and Louis Vuitton image
All kinds of puppers
dog, cute, and puppy image animals, Awe, and nice image dog, cute, and flowers image dog, cute, and animals image
Big and small

I hope this made you feel happy ☺️

Image by ♛ N A L E ♛