Hi everyone! The following article is about a note that I wrote to myself some weeks ago. I was feeling so unmotivated and unproductive that I started thinking about life: what I wanted to in a future, my goals, how short life is... so I dicided to write down my thoughts.

I've lately been thinking a lot about life, what's the point of it? You grow up, go to school, then to university and finally you end up with a job which isn't exciting at all and with a family (sometimes). HOW BORING. Life wasn't created for such a simple rutine...life is an oportunity to do what you really want and to achieve your goals. I want to die having memories, beautiful memories, not regrets. I want to start acomplishing what I want, my dreams, even the biggest ones. Theres nothing imposible in life. The only thing that is stopping you from doing it its yourself and your fear of failure. But it shouldn't be like that. You are capable of anything, you just have to try.

If you've made it to end, thank you. I hope you've liked it and if you have please give it a like and comment your biggest goal in life. Just one.
queen I