judith is one of my best friends, i made a rocking playlist for when we hang out

all time low - dirty laundry
ed sheeran - how would you feel (paean)
imagine dragons - believer
anarbor - 18
jimi hendrix - 51st anniversary
arctic monkeys - 505
all time low - a daydream away
pearl jam - alive
pearl jam - animal
pearl jam - jeremy
pearl jam - even flow
pearl jam - the fixer
pink floyd - money
arctic monkeys - brick by brick
arctic monkeys - fake tales of san francisco
arctic monkeys - i wanna be yours
arctic monkeys - why'd you only call me when you high
the kooks - always where i need to be
the kooks - eddie's gun
metallica - until it sleeps
tame impala - the less i know the better
counting crows - mr. jones

more songs there featuring beck, nirvana, the red hot chili peppers and more rocking bands. Also, amy winehouse.