a disclaimer that my first language is not english so please excuse my bad grammar, spelling or anything. so here it is :

1. gravity - timeflies
i actually listen to this like everytime. this song always gets me in a good mood and i love dancing to this!

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2. flame - tinashe
she slays on this. still my fav song since the first time i listen to it.

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3. at my best - machine gun kelly ft. hailee steinfeld
'but if you can't take me at my worse, you don't deserve me at my best'

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4. cherry - luna shadows
i mean her voice thoooo its so sweet :' and the lyrics.

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5. i miss you - grey, bahari
i love the drop and how i automatically shake my body.

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6. feel something - black coast, REMMI
play this song if you're on a late night driving!

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7. cigarettes & cush - stormzy ft. kehlani
love the fact that this song is 6 minutes long. satisfying!

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8. get you - daniel caesar ft. kali uchis
i mean who doesn't know this song?

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9. underdressed - VERITE
every verite's songs is worth-listening tbh

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10. things i'd do for u - astronomyy
lol i almost type it astrologyy.

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SO THATS IT U GUYS my spotify is https://open.spotify.com/user/rhyrdn