Being a highschool student is one of the most stresfull thing in the world.Drama,crushes,puberty,friends,social life and of course homework,exams,grades,graduate..are just too much for a person to handle.I am having at least one panic attack in the week and i know that many peaple are.So here is some things that i do when i am stress:

Listening to music

music image

Reading my favourite book

Image by ☼ BROOKLYN BABY ☼

Planning trips

travel, coffee, and map image

Just dream

Dream, follow, and quotes image
Dream, disney, and dreaming image
night, quotes, and day image

Eating my favourite food

pizza, food, and yummy image

Meet with friends

forever, trio, and friends image

Going for shopping

fashion, chanel, and shopping image

Going for a walk and taking pictures

girl, photography, and hat image

I really hope this things can help but just live your life and do the things you love dont press yourself and most importantly dont let others pres.It is your life and unfortunatly it passes really quickly so create memories and live your dreams.

sorry for my bad english:)