Do you have this theme song from X-Files in your head playing right now? Tu-Tu-Ru-Ru-Ri-Ru... I loved it when I was a child! Remember how my parents didn't let me watch new episodes with them, cause it was too late, and I had to secretly get out of my bed, pretend that I'm invisible ninja and find a way to get into living room without being noticed... To be fair, I failed almost every time... But, it's not what I'm here to talk about today!

What then? Destiny! Like Fox Mulder believed in creatures from different planets, I believe in destiny and in life, that always guides us in right direction. I've been talking about it with a lot of people and most of them asked me 'But what about person's choices? We create our lives, not someone/something else!' I can agree with that, but partly...

Imagine a river... Wide one, with confluents and it's own course. And you're a sitting in a little boat that goes down this river. You can't change the way this river goes, can't change the destination it gets you. But you can make sure that your boat won't crush, "drive" it avoiding hidden rocks and choose people, who will accompany you in this journey. And there are billions of such "rives", cause every person has his own. Lucky ones at some point manage to find someone they would like to carry on together. Then they both leave their own boats and get a new one, big enough for 2. And some just sail all the way with 40 screaming cats on board :D

So, yes, we make choices and they do matter, but it doesn't mean that everything depends on us... Today (don't even know why) I started thinking about all those turns and twists that "my river" gave me... I didn't even expect finding myself in a place where I am right now even a year ago. For several years I was pretty sure what I want in professional life, for example. I was convinced that the way that I imagined in my head was the only one suitable for me. But little did I know... When I started studying IR and realising what it all is about, it became painfully clear for me, that I'm not the person of politics. Honestly, I got scared. I was worried that I'm waisting my time getting knowledge I'll never use. And in that very moment of being totally lost, life brought me into absolutely different world - world of international journalism. I got inspired by all those professionals I saw at press-conferences and meetings, I started writing myself and got my first publications on Uni's websites. I had my first serious interview and it was a fantastic feeling of being exactly where I belong...

And all of this happened just cause one day I found myself in the right place at the right time. Basically, that's exactly what I call destiny... I experienced it in a lot of different situations, professional and personal and can’t even express how grateful I am for all those sudden opportunities life gave me, for people it brought to my life, for great experiences.

Maybe I’m being too optimistic, but I’m sure that everything happens for some reason and that reason is always leading to something better… So, guys, trust your «river», try to look at what’s going on in your life and be thankful for it, cause each little thing has a special good purpose! You should Want To Believe and then your journey will be really enjoyable!

Bon Voyage!

Best regards,