Hello everyone! Welcome back! Yes it's been a long time that I was here and this time I just wanted to upload a post more about myself. This one was pretty hard to write because I had to think more intensive than when I'm writing random posts. Anyway, this one is full of various facts about me and I just wanted to share them with you all! Hope it will be useful for those who are interested and enjoy reading!

1. Sensitive person
2. I have crazy laugh. (my cousin and friend said it reminds of a fox/donkey/guinea pig mashup) Something like this - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wTS0A-ZN3os
3. Im afraid of falling stars. I'm more geting hyper active and exited so much that I could start crying
4. I don't remember my natural hair color. But it is something like ashy brown. (I see that colour in photos, but I don't remember it)
5. I hate waking up early, but love mornings. Especially when the weather is sunny and without clouds.
6. Love spending evenings or mornings in balcony. (I don't have a balcony in my appartment, so I end up sitting on a windowsill.
7. Doing hairstyles and makeup for other people is something what I could call heaven.
8. I'm addicted to chocolate and sweets with chocolate.
9. Love drawing.
10. Reading
11. Writing stories
12. Singing or humming in the shower
13. Walking in woods
14. Stubborn person
15. Extremely jealous
16. Bad at raising a plant, but always wanting one
17. Paper rat. Because I do love paper stuff, ordering them, organizing and many more stuff with PAPERS!
18. Dreaming about doing yoga. Never tried though.
19. Dreams come true after few months. I mean when I'm sleeping and dreaming of something that reminds realistic stuff. Well, that comes true after few months.
20. Always exited about going to the furniture shop or department store.
21. Can't be angry for too long
22. Whenever I see a random dog or cat always wanting to keep it
23. Pastel colors are everything
24. Love sleep
25. Romance movies on valentines day because I'm single
26. Animals. Yes. Just animals
27. Obsession with various size and material boxes
28. Scented candles are everything.
29. Love attention but not too much
30. Cant be alone at home without music
31. Sometimes I'm listening to bedtime stories before sleep
32. Love planning everything in notebooks/journals
34. Cried in the final episode of tvd
35. My birthday is on july 29th
36. I was born on tiger years and my horoscope is lion
37. My eye color consists of blue, green, yellow and little bit of brown
38. I better be earlier somewhere than being late
39. Always optimistic about everything I plan about future (more like over exited)
40. As a kid I was addicted to scissors so I cut my hair at age 5 or younger (Still am)
41. Good listener when it is important
42. Bad at comforting people (terrible)
43. Can forget the sentence I said second ago
44. Shopohollic
45. Addicted to pillows and blankets/plaids
46. Interest in Renaissance and Victorian times
47. Wanting to name my child Aphrodite (because I freakin' love Greek Gods names)
48. I don't drink coke (unless there's nothing else to drink)
49. I hate when people sing me hb song
50. Can't walk by mirror without looking at myself in it...