Considering that I'm 16 and still at the highlight of my youth, looking at my mistakes and achievements in the past made me wish there were a few things people would have told me.

Dear 10 year old me,
Congratulations, you hit double digits! Knowing that you are still young, you don't even understand what's the big deal about turning 10 is. Don't worry, I still don't understand either. But I do know that your parents are going to be expecting more from you. Probably not pushing you to get a job or pick an University you would like to attend but stuff like making sure you understand school and babysit your sisters. One other thing, keep close of your friends you have now, I guarantee you would find another human being like them ever again if you lose them. Other than that, smile bright ever day like you always do and go run around the park, after all, you still are a kid.

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Dear 14 year old me,
Now before you open those door that you are so eagerly waiting to do, maybe you didn't read the little warning sign. In this year you are going to live every day smiling. Academic wise, you're going to be great, it's your classmates you should take notice. This is going to be your favorite year (so far) but be careful darling, all those moments can end so fast it will leave you standing there wondering, "What happened?". Sadly, you can't do anything that can prevent everything that you will undergo next year. So just cherish of what you have; the friends who you can't wait to see the next day to even the mediocre teachers that give you 25 questions tests. Good luck little one.

If a guy is messing with your head, it's better keeping them as your friends. And things are always going to get better... after the storm comes a rainbow.

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Oh darling, you are the beauty after the rain.- JP