Okay. Oh my gosh, I don't know why I've decided to broadcast my hormonal feelings all over the internet. But basically, I'm a serial-crusher, and I fall in love easily. So I'm straight up going to make a list of all of the guys I'm currently in love with EXCLUDING A FEW DOZEN because my list literally goes on forever!
Enjoy my fangirl ways, I guess. P.S I'm only going to state my crushes (IN CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER of how much I love them) but I'm not going to state why I love each one of them, because we'd be here literally all day.

1. Corey Haim

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I may or may not have been a sissy and a crybaby for an entire month at school, after learning that Corey was legit dead. Was really tragic, and my friends made fun of me for months. Like ugh man, I don't think I'll ever NOT be in love with him, seriously sucks dude. Rip, bless, iconic.

2. Keanu Reeves

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His smile gives me life. His existence is pure. We love an unproblematic mans.

3. River Phoenix

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Human perfection. This dude made me reach out to my inner hippie. That's showbiz baby.

4. Gale Hansen

arte, carpe diem, and dead image dead poets society, charlie dalton, and gale hansen image carpe diem, charlie, and dead poets society image dead poets society, charlie dalton, and gale hansen image
Now let's set things straight ya'll. Am I mad that Gale Hansen practically dropped off of the face of the earth after Dead Poets Society? For sure. But is that going to stop me from perving on the rare, young photos/videos of him? Nah. And that's the tea.

5. Leonardo DiCaprio

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If you look up "mega oof", this is what you get.

6. Jonathan Brandis

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I think I have a thing for guys that are either too old for me or are extremely dead...

7. Kiefer Sutherland

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Julia Roberts might've left him, BUT I NEVER WOULD!

8. Rob Lowe

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Yo, I found prince charming.

9. Matt Dillon

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He's so suave lookin', got damn.

10. Axl Rose

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Axl Rose made me want to become a literal groupie and travel around following bands. Papa bless.

11. Quentin Tarantino

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Quentin Tarantino seems like he'd be a wild boyfriend, and honestly, I'm down with that.

12. Joe Keery

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There will always be a special place in my heart for Joe. He's got great hair, he's chill, and he's lanky - what more could a girl want?

13. Wil Wheaton

wil wheaton, toy soldiers, and joey trotta image wil wheaton and star trek image
Yeah... I can't breathe. Mamma mia, pizzeria.

14. Prince

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In an unsurprising turn of events, his face is what makes doves cry.

15. Skeet Ulrich

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When he was in Scream, his hotness had me SHOOK. Like, he can stab me, it's aight.

16. Hayden Christensen

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I'm more than certain that I've been pronouncing Hayden's last name wrong for my entire life, but his name will always be "Chris-ten-sen" to me.

17. Chad Michael Murray

chad michael murray, movie, and freaky friday image chad michael murray and boy image

18. Josh Charles

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Sis, we might as well just put the whole Dead Poets Society cast in here.

In conclusion, I am thirsty, and I love men

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