Day 5. Write a short story.

Hello! Today it's time for a short story, so make yourself comfortable, and be ready for a break. Let's get started.

Once upon a rainy day, there was a girl. Some people might get sad or maybe even depressed when it starts to rain, but this girl, her mood kind of got lifted instead. She couldn't explain why, that was just how she felt.
Every time she was sitting in her classroom, waiting for the bell to ring, she was often looking at the windows, where the raindrops were painting their own unique patterns.
If it still was raining when she was going home, she just started to think about the dry, comfy clothes that were waiting for her.
There was also nothing better than when a cup of hot tea, coffee or maybe even chocolate was standing next to her and her favorite book. Or maybe just stood next to her and the window she was staring out of, enjoying the rain, enjoying the quietness. Of course while she was cuddled up in her favorite plaid, and wearing her favorite sweatshirt.
Then there was the smell. She adored the smell of rain. Sometime she was walking in the rain just to smell it, and of course, to jump in the puddles.
Last but not least, the sound. Every time it's was raining when she was going to sleep, she thought of the raindrops like if they were her own lullaby, and that thought always made her so calm. She always knew that she would sleep very well when it was raining.
When she thought the clouds were looking a little too grey, she just compared them to humans. She knew that humans also were grey to look at, when they're full of tears. She also knew that when the clouds has cried all their tears out, they will light up again. And the same goes for humans, I bet you know it yourself, when you've cried out, everything seems a little bit brighter. Just a little bit.

I hope you enjoyed this article, and I hope you will enjoy the next time it starts to rain.
See you soon!


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