In my previous article I talked about something quite common in our daily life, something that would revolutionize life, and although I leave something unfinished and with a promise to continue, today I have something that I believe could be more effective in our daily lives as human beings. First, and very aware that maybe it is not popular this small article, I would like to tell you my experience of a week ago. The little girl in the photo was run over in front of my house, cruelly left and abandoned by the unfortunate who trampled her. I am a woman intolerant of animal abuse and I went out for her. I took her to the vet without a penny waiting for a divine miracle. And that was because somehow if I could get and pay. What bothers me and I would like to express is the little human sensitivity we have shown to animals without counting the magnanimous cruelties we commit against them.
Nothing costs us to give a handful of croquetas or give purified water for the animals. After all, I can swear they are the most innocent animals on the planet.
But I think after all there is no better reward than knowing that you have helped a little helpless.
Adoption as titulé is an article is one of the most satisfying actions in life since we find ourselves giving someone the best we can to improve their quality of life. The lives of these poor animals, for the most part have been terrible, the conditions in which people keep them and their bad treatment for them are inhuman.

I can assure you that adoption, of any animal, any species, changes your life, shows responsibility, compassion and above all, to know real and sincere love. That's the only way they can pay us, with love. My life gave three turns, because I have adopted three times and I know very well what I am talking about.
Anyone who reads this, from another country, would love to feel motivated to live the experience of connecting with an animal, but more than that, to connect with their heart and spirit.
They are angels.