You. Don't you get labeled by it? Identified by it as a human?. Me.. two letters that would make you think about yourself. see you as both selfless and don't need to feel the urge to change to get people's attention or even to "fit in", you are an original copy of yourself and the one and only copy. the day will come were those people would want to duplicate you, your outfits, your humor and even moves. so love yourself no matter what, don't be selfish but give yourself credit. love it and be grateful for the beautiful soul Allah (god) has put into you, every inch of you has been created by the creator Allah because it was seen to make you beautiful. no scratch that. to make you naturally and spiritually beautiful. people see you as you. but you see yourself as me. and thats where the positive thoughts of "I am ..." are going to take debates and you will choose your character of the day and start it positive and then live it healthy .
with love,
- A