Hello Guys, I have a boyfriend we fight a lot but we still love each other very very much. This article is going to be about my relationship with him like how we met and many more things. My boyfriend now in 2017 is 15 years old and I am 13. He is the sweetest boy I´ve ever met and you´ll ever meet
We meet 4 years ago in 2013 in Pereira, Colombia. At that time I lived there, we met because we were in the same bus and at the same school so we started being friends even though her was 2 years older than me.
On August 2015, I moved with my family to New York so we stopped talking and we lost contact. I lived in New York for 2 years, so I returned to Colombia this year 2017 on July and that´s when everything happened.
One week after I moved back to Colombia, I started going to the club everyday like I used to before I moved to New York. In the club one day we saw each other and we stared like for 15 minutes at each other to be sure we were the same people.
After that day at the club we started talking everyday in the club,it was in the 2 months summer vacations. One day we were alone talking the club´s restaurant and I felt a connection but I didn´t know if he felt it too.That same day he started texting me. We started texting every single day at every time. Our daily schedule was wake up, text each other, go to the club at 9 am and be all day together, get home at 7 and text each other until we slept.
In June 28, he declared to me and I declared too by text. I was so nervous that things were not going to be the same but they were. On August 15, we were on the club, talking by the lake and he started saying that we have been talking a lot of time so it´s time we take it to another level, and then said the magical sentence that is do you want to be my girlfriend. I said yes only because I didn´t want to seem so excited but it actually was the happiest day of my life.
After that day we started holding hands,laying on the grass together, laying my head on his shoulder and being together every single day. This last two weeks haven´t been the best because now that I´m settled in Colombia and in a different school, I got new friends and one of them is a boy that is 16 years old and he likes me so my boyfriend is the most jealous person in the world when I´m with my friend.
So, this days haven´t been the best days because he has been really jealous and has made me cry like 4 times in 2 weeks. I hope things will get better soon. Leave me comments..