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September 17, 2017

I feel like every girls needs to know what is in / visible on her body as it can make life easier understanding it! So otherwise known as the genitals and the reproductive system. If you have not had the talk I would politely ask you to leave now as I don't want to be the person who tells you stuff that you may not need to know yet… Before we get started I will tell you the hormones that girls and women get:
oestrogen and progesterone to be honest I don't know much about it because I failed my puberty test...whoops! But there are stuff you can definitely get from me! With a little bit of research I've brought you this!!

Your outside girl bits

Vulva - This is the whole area between your legs, it possibly might be hairy too! Every women has this in between their legs. It's very natural for it to be pinky and hairy there.

Labia majora - Are the lips that protect your vagina’s entrance when the area where you pee from. Pubic hair grows there too. Though when you are having deep feelings (sexy ones) there's a rush of blood which makes this area tingly, hot and tender.

Labia minora - If you pull out the labia majora open you'll see that there are two smaller lips which won't have hair on them. People say they look like tiny tongues!

Hymen - The hymen is a stretchy piece of skin that has some blood vessels which surrounds and covers some of your vagina opening, which is found between your labia. Your human has a hole or a few holes in it so your blood you get on your period can come out and over the years it stretches or tears. Some girls also might not have a hymen.

Clitoris - Your clitoris is a small bump that all girls have. It's only purpose is to make you feel good when it's touched in the right way as it's the most sensitive part of your body. Fun fact: Your clitoris is made out of the same type of skin as a penis tip!

Your inside bits

Ovaries - You have two ovaries and they make the oestrogen. Oestrogen is what triggers your puberty changes.. Each ovary has thousands of eggs that's smaller than a full stop, ready look at the full stop → .
Isn't that crazy!?

Uterus - Is also known as the womb, it grows during your teens from the size of your thumb to a size of a pear! If you have a baby in there, it will grow so the baby can fit and then it will shrink back to the size of a pear.

Fallopian tubes - This play an important role, these are two small tubes that lead from the ovaries to the uterus. They are around 7 - 12 cm long. This is how you can get pregnant.. I'm not going to say to much about this yet..

Vagina - This is the passage made from stretchy skin. The vagina is located between your pee hole and your pop hole. This is also where your period blood comes out and if a “worm” goes in this is how you may get pregnant and if you do the baby will come out from.

I hope this helped you out is some way! Please suggest some advice you'd like help with!
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