A list of places I've been compiling that I'd like to visit. I'll add to it when I discover more. You'll find that there are pretty specific points of interest for a few of these, and that's because two things: 1) I watch a lot of travel TV and those are some of the places I’ve seen documented and thought, “Hm, if I go, that will definitely be the first place I see,” and 2) I’ve seen pictures of those exact landmarks online or on WHI and really liked them.

Anyway, to the list!

budapest, city, and beautiful image
i. Budapest, Hungary. Not-so-fun fact: the parliament building was my WHI cover for the longest time.
architecture, art, and beautiful image
ii. Cape Disappointment State Park, Ilwaco, Washington. I wrote a descriptive piece of this setting for English last year, based only on a photo, and I'd really like to find out if I was accurate with it.
travel, destinations, and earth image
iii. Florence, Italy. I'm really just trying to taste that gelato, though.
misiones, argentina, and photography image
iv. Iguazú National Park, Misiónes, Argentina.
deli, diner, and food image
v. Katz's Delicatessen, New York, New York. This place is essentially everything everybody loves about classic New York. I just want to go there and order a 'pastrami on rye' and feel like a New Yorker for a little bit.
nature, cave, and Greece image
vi. Melissani Cave, Kefalonia, Greece.
vii. Pops Soda Ranch, Arcadia, Oklahoma. This would be an awesome stop on a road trip, honestly. These people sell "Chocolate-Covered Maple-Smoked Bacon Soda." Yeah.
beautiful and Multnomah Falls image
viii. Multnomah Falls, Oregon.

ix. Neuschwanstein Castle, Bavaria, Germany. This place just looks like the setting of an epic medieval movie. The camera will pan in and then cut to the prince pacing in the sitting room while he tries to formulate a plan with his childhood companion Oliver who is now a knight to defend—no? Okay.

deutschland, castle neuschwanstein, and ludwig 2 image
beautiful, Greece, and holiday image
x. Santorini, Greek Islands. I've seen so many photos of these cliffsides that it's basically a gimmick at this point. But I still want to experience that view.
nature, places, and sunset image
xi. Snoqualmie Falls, Washington.
zimbabwe, Victoria Falls, and nature image
xii. Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. I really like waterfalls. That's all I can say.
architecture, art, and book image
xiii. Bibliotheque Méjanes, Aix-en-Provence, France. Look at the facáde. It's so cool! I'm afraid I don't know nearly enough French to be able to read most of the books, though...