Sitting there- with my legs crossed and my hands together. I sit there- with music blaring and cars blasting. We drive- wondering where the roads will take us. Where life will take us. I sit, I sit there thinking of the future, thinking of the past. I ponder of who I will meet, who I will love, and who I will hate. But why does this all seem fake? Why do the people we meet seem great? But deep down there full of hate. And what about the things going on in life? People being shamed for who they are, for who they really are? It doesn't matter the shape, the color, or the things we believe, those things don't shape who we really are. What we really are, are human. We all have hearts, brains, and blood going through our veins. We all have feelings, so be considerate. Be considerate of who you call ugly, poor, or stupid. Those words can kill. A word can do so much pain. So much- it can leave you with... nothing. Because there dead.

Now you see what you did? That one word that you said? Shame on you, Shame on them.

Now why? Why would they feel shameful? It wasn't their fault, was it? They didn't call themselves ugly, or fat. But what they did do was take their life, their life that was given to them. Not to take away, but to cherish. Because life is good. God is good. There will never be something you cant handle. Because you were in a hole, and instead of digging yourself out, you gave up. You gave it all up, for what? A word?

But sometimes it's different. Anxiety, depression, bipolar. These things- they take over. Your mind, your body. You can't help it, can you? So it's shame on them, shame on them for speaking. Shame on them for feeling so insecure that they have to take another's life to feel better about themselves. So next time you go to make fun of someone, THINK. Think about their life instead of your own.

"Before you text, type, or speak, THINK first

T- is it True?
H- is it Helpful?
I- is it Inspiring?
N- is it Necessary?
K- is it Kind?"