Recently I had the opportunity to spend time with people I used to know well. While there was time spent around them, not much of it was spent talking to them. Hardly any of it, actually. But as I stood there, looking at all the people I grew up with, a familiar thought entered my mind for the first time in a while...

I'm still not good enough.

I've always been the outcast. All my life, I've been the girl no one wanted to talk to. And I'm okay with that. What I'm not okay with, however, is the fact that I've never (even now) felt good enough to even breathe the same air as these people.

They're all prettier than me. They're more successful than me. They have more money. They have more friends. They actually have a normal chance with the person they like because they're willing to put themselves out there like a human. But me? I'm a hermit crab.

I don't talk to you unless you talk to me first. Anxiety controls my life. I care too much about what people think. I'm not the skinniest, healthiest person you've ever seen. I don't have very many friends, and the ones I've had in the past have all been girls, so I have no idea how to act around a guy.

I don't feel as important as the people around me. And not just the people I grew up with, but perfect strangers as well. And you know what? It's not their fault. I highly doubt that any of their intentions are to make me feel lower than what I am. It's my fault, not theirs, because I'm letting the devil get into my head and tell me all of these lies about myself.

It's not just me, either. One of my best friend's expressed the same feelings that night and she actually said all of the girls were prettier than her. When she said that, I actually felt pain because she's one of the most gorgeous girls I know and she doesn't even realize it.

Then thinking about that made me wonder: if we're this sad to hear or friend's talk about themselves that way, how much worse does God feel when we do it ourselves? He created us. He gave us the breath of life and carved, molded and shaped us in every way that we are. Our freckles, our stretch marks, our thighs, our dimples... everything. Not just the outside, either.

We are all so beautiful, not because we found the perfect shade of foundation to match our skin tone, but because the God of the universe created us. He made the ocean, the stars, the mountains and all of it is breathtakingly beautiful. Everything he makes is beautiful. And he made us, so that means we are beautiful too.

We are here for a reason. We have a purpose, and no, we might not look like the Kardashians or be as famous as Beyonce, but maybe we're not supposed to.

Everyone has a purpose. Every life has meaning. Every person is beautiful in their own way. Ignore society's definition of beautiful and follow God's. His is a lot more powerful.