Well, as I saw many people doing this kind of article showing their playlists and songs I decided to do the same. I'll show you my favorite songs that I love so much and that are good to hear at various times. Hope you like it !! ~

Falling for you - The 1975 (this music means so much for me)
Loving Someone - The 1975 (every type of love is correct, get over it.)
Do I Wanna Know? - Arctic Monkeys (one of the best music of Arctic Monkeys)
I Wanna Be Yours - Arctic Monkeys (I listen this while I'm thinking of someone that i like)
Prey - The Neighbourhood (what can i say the neighbourhood is just one of the best bands of the indie)
Cry Baby - The Neighbourhood (this one are one of my ways to explain how I feel inside)
Homewrecker - Marina And The Diamonds (it's like they say baby, the bad girls have more fun)
Power And Control - Marina And The Diamonds ("love will always be a game" one of the best phrases)
Pacify Her - Melanie Martinez (loving someone who doesn't love you, what a shit huh?)

This is the end of my list of favorite songs, I hope you have enjoyed it!~~