I thought to myself, thinking of the scenario over again and again. I questioned myself, "Is it my fault for voicing it out to you?"

Does it look like I am eliminating people out of the circle? Did I hope for things the opposite? Thinking it is going to be positive? So, my intentions are bad? Am I bad because I want to lift you up from the ground?

Do you feel hurt, surprised, disheartened, dissatisfied with the news? And do you expect me to feel guilty for making the move? Cause just so you know, you're successful of it cause I am starting to feel the negative emotions all at once right now.

And if you think that I have some ulterior motives about you, so be it. I ain't gonna do anything. Don't worry. I am going to distance myself. Cause honestly, I need a breather. I need space from all of these chaos.

If you are a human with a wonderful brain and heart, your views for the world would be extraordinary. But I guess hurt and anger are secluded in their hearts that they fail to understand our good intentions.

Don't take it wrong. I do too. Everyone does. But sometimes, people forget to take a step back and reflect that this is nothing to be offended. Some people don't view things in a positive light and I don't blame them. I understand. I understand how an angry mind works. It only think straight and nothing else.

I don't blame you for putting yourself in this position. I blamed myself. Anyway, I have always blamed myself for everything. Have always been for my entire life.